alias architects look for interns and may provide practical training up to 6 months period.
Please send your application with cv and portfolio to mail(at)

The team is open for all kind of specialists and contributions to the brain-pool.

The team speaks English, German, Greek, Polish, French, Spanish and Italian

Zoltan AdorjaniDipl. - Ing. Architect, RWTH Aachen
Marilena AngelidouDipl. - Graphic Designer
Dr. N. AthanassiadisRA Attorney, University of Hamburg
Adam D. BuchholzDipl. - Inform., University Bonn
Photis CharalampopoulosDipl. - Ing. Architect, TU Vienna
Andreas DouvitsasPhotographer
Miriam EckleDipl. - Ing. Architect, TU Stuttgart
Stavros GiannoukarisDipl. - Ing. Mechanical Engineer, University of Patras
Benjamin Gill C.Environmentalist, I.C.London
Ines HartmannDipl. - Ing. Architect, TU Berlin
Vassilios KarargirisDipl. - Ing. Mechanical Engineer, University of Patras
Pantelis LiakopoulosDipl. - Ing. Electro-Mechanical Engineer, RWTH Aachen
Alexandros MavvidisDipl. - Ing. Architect, RWTH Aachen
Barbara MavvidouDipl. - Civil Engineer, AU Thessaloniki
Joanna MichalopoulouDipl.-Ing. Architect NTU Athens
Kostas PanagiotopoulosDipl. - Civil Engineer, NTUA Athens
Nikoletta PapalymperiDipl.-Ing. Architect NTU Athens
Kerstin RoterbergDipl. - Ing. Architect, RWTH Aachen
Maria Laura SantilloDipl. - Ing. Architect, Politecnico di Milano
Isabella SchuetzkoInterior Architect, FH Hamburg
Marina ThanouDipl. - Ing. Architect, NTU Athens
Gregorios TzigkasDipl. - Ing. Architect, FH Aachen
Andreas ViolidisIT Specialist