residential design
SESA New family house, Zuelpich, Germany
ALS, New residential compound, Alsbach-Haehnlein, Germany
OSM Private semi detached residence, Cologne-Muengersdorf, Germany
AdMa2, Private house, Koenigswinter, Germany
TOU New residential building extension, Kifissia, Greece
HEI New private house construction design, Reinheim, Germany
HOW New residence extension and indoor sport level, Leverkusen, Germany
ECOR, ECORings Housing, Clermont-Ferrand, France
KRI, City Apartment, Athens-Kolonaki, Greece
AdMa, City Apartment Bonn, Germany
ASK, Cube Apartment Athens-Nea Smyrni, Greece
SOL, City Apartment Cologne, Germany
PT 95, Prototype 95 sqm, Greece
HOP, House in Oropos, Greece
MoCu Monocuisina, Athens – Marousi, Greece
K53 Student Residential Complex Aachen, Germany
UTeDe1, urban terrace deck, Athens, Greece
SHO Stone House O, Athens - Shoinias, Greece
SSH Stone Summer House G, Skiathos, Greece
MSH 3x Multi Storey Housing, Cologne, Germany
office and commerce
CAC HQ Offices Collider Activity Center, intl. competition, Sofia, Bulgaria
ECOM, ECOMall - Retail and Office Center, Clermont-Ferrand, France
GESol, Officespaces, Athens – Nea Filadelfia, Greece
MACT, Mosaic Atrium Cube, Int. Architectural Competition, Teheran, Iran
DOL, Dolphin Officespace, Athens, Greece
WOP, Winery Opsimos, Gymno, Nemea, Greece
WHKO, Wine House Koutsi, Nemea, Corinth, Greece
ORGAc, Office Orga Cube, Aachen, Germany
DSA GS, Bioclimatic vertical extension for a primary school, Marousi, Greece
DSA TL, Tower lift, German School of Athens, Greece
VOCL, Vocational Lyceum Boarding School, Clermont-Ferrand, France
BRH, Boarding Ring House, Clermont-Ferrand, France
DSAni, Changing facilities German School of Athens, Greece
KiGa, Kindergarten DSA, Athens, Greece
medical and health design
ZaPOC, Dental & Oral Surgery Practice, Münster-ST, Germany
PIZ, Practice Centre for Implantology, Peridontology, Prosthetics, Aachen, Germany
DUS Dental practice centre, Duesseldorf, Germany
TAMP New Thematic Archaeological Museum of Piraeus, intl. competition, Greece
MuZA, Antwerp Music Centre, Belgium
SEGE, Sensual Generator, Athens, Greece
Urban Tissue, Sarajevo Concert Hall, Bosnia and Herzegovina
leisure and tourism
TAT Boutique Hotel Tatoi, Greece
Seascape Hills Hotel Resort co-construction design, Porto Heli, Greece
LBAR, Lukabar, Athens-Psiri, Greece
YBAR, Yogurtbar, Skiathos, Greece
Navarino Hotel Resort co-construction design, Porto Heli, Greece
SPArt, Spa & Art Hotel in Aidipsos, Greece
SHD, Sporthotel Düsseldorf, Germany
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