ECOR, EcoRings in the Park, Clermont-Ferrand, Europan 11, France

client : Europan - City of Clermont-Ferrand
strategic site : 39 ha
site area : 10,7 ha
gross floor area - housing : 25.000 m2 / 300 dwellings
urban landscape park : 21.000 m2
Central Square : 3.600 sqm
Entrance Square : 3.650 sqm

Parking Plaza, PV roofscape : 15.000 sqm
Vocational Lycée, for 500 Pers. : 13.700 sqm
Boarding House : 4.500 sqm / 30 SR/ 27 DR/ 5 TR
Services : 13.400 sqm
Retail / Shops : 5.200 sqm

levels : 5

start of planning : 05. 2011
services : idea, conceptual & preliminary design, project management and consulting

idea and concept:
The site of St. Jean in Clermont Ferrand is looking for a new identity. This project aims to achieve this by transforming the site from a sink zone to destination area and a new desirable urban nucleus.
It will become a connection space for sustainable urbanization, a laboratory of sustainable urban, social and architectural development. A new piece of urban fabric with its perfect mix of uses.
The ´Eco Rings in the Park´ design creates a platform for this ambitious, future transformation of the strategic site and builds up new social and economical integration in the area and into the city. It will create an urban solution to enable the site to become a new centre complementing and connecting the existing centres of Clemont Ferrand. The aim for the new nucleus of St. Jean, enabling ‘another 24 hour way of living´ is the design of a new Ecocity within a new urban landscape park An urban park combining the essentials of living and working on site, connecting adjacent neighborhoods and city quarters, interlinking new and existing functions, integrating uses and facilities, building up housing and working spaces, creating green landscapes and recreation opportunities, tackling urban issue and reducing traffic, opening up new potential and sustainable living parameters. Becoming a New Neighborhood with liveliy mixed programme.
Idea and concept
Eco Rings in the Park - Les Couloures
The main idea of this new ecocity is the urban landscape park with an in¬novative sustainable housing form – the Eco Rings - in a green communal landscape arranged around a central public market square, green and water space.
The new designed ring houses become the heart of the housing concept. They are organized in linear strip plots in North-South direction with intermediate spaces, crossings and passages by diagonal and vertical walks with perfect links and connections to the surrounding areas. Other areas are the stripes for office and commerce, school facilities, traffic infrastructure and solar energy PV park. They strengthen the site concept of the urban landscape and give the whole quarter a new face for a future city ´hot spot´ of high quality.
model views SE

Main urban structure parameters
1. Building structure
2. Traffic infrastructure
3. Green infrastructure
4. Uses
5. Utility infrastructure, Bioclimatic urban structure and environmental management

Main idea parameters
The proposal for the Eco city structure consists of the following design parameters
1. The Eco Ring - single unit
2. Urban landscape park and park bridge
3. The new Vocational lycée and boarding house
4. Office and Retail building
5. New retail square and PV parking plaza

architecture parameters :
Buildings – Eco Ring Unit
Building cluster of three rings
Potential residents
Housing typologies & units, 300 dwellings, 25.000qm
a. Single apartment, 30 sqm
b. 1-2 person apartment, 60 sqm
c. 2-3 person flat, 70 sqm
d. 3-4 pers flat, 100 sqm
e. 4-5 pers flat, 130 sqm

Diversity: Diversity of apartments and intermediate housing types, inside and outside spaces, individual and common areas and uses.
Versatility: versatility and flexibility, quality of sustainable development e.g. shared spaces, in-outdoor for neighboorliness, coexistance, generation mix.
Density : the density of urban forms and typologies goes close together with sustainable bioclimatic building parameters and economic use of space

Social Parameters – another way of living

Quintessence - the challenge of the project:
The Eco Ring in the Park Project is an urban solution which mutates and reflects the desires and imagination of the people who will com to live, work , relax here for all their live or just for an hour.
It is designed with future capacity to evolve or adapt over time and be able to adjust change to match the desires and imaginations of the people – its residents and visitors.