urban design
MoW, Metropolis on Waterside
UML, Urhan Metropolitan Park to water Linkages, Port of Piraeus, Greece
CLEF, EcoRings in the Park, Clermont Ferrand, France
MaxView - LandscapeCity, Montreux
Vertical Density, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Lindi, Tanzania
Arc meets Stripes, Bologna, Italy
WCS Water City Scape Portsmouth, UK
Hybrid Landscape, Arhus Havn, Denmark
landscape design
MOU, Urban green upgrade of main axes of Mouson St, Dionyssos, Greece
KER, Architectural landscape design for the archaelogical site of Kerameikos, Athens
KOX, Red Fields green landscape design for sport and leisure, Dionyssos, Greece
UMP, Urban Metropolitan Park of Piraeus Port, Greece
WSL, Walltopia sport and leisure Park, Sofia, Bulgaria
GPV, Giant PV Solar Park, Clermont Ferrand
ROD, Rodon green sport trail, Ekali Attica, Greece
Solar Parks for big size retail parking areas
FRIDI Cemetery Dionyssos, Attica, Greece
HI171 Metropolitan Park Hellenikon, Athens, Greece
HIP Rhine, Cologne, Germany
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