Lindi, Tanzania
ARES Architecture and Renewable Energy Sources and Bioclimatic architecture to shelter people affected by natural disasters
UIA _ International Idea Competition, 2007

building phase I - shell : 18 sqm
building phase II - shelter : 27 sqm
building phase III - home : 81 sqm
quarter unit : 2.000 3.000 sqm
settlement unit : 6.000 8.000 sqm
time of planning : 06. 2007
idea, presentation design, documentation

idea and concept
From the first step on, it is the beginning of the rebuilding for an individual, sustainable shelter for each household, lost in the history of a natural hazard. Relicts and ruins of the former home structures are being re-used, recycled and rebuildNothing is waste. No material, no construction, no human work. Everything is settled on each other. New Living Space - From a short term help to a long term effect. Ecological economical cultural energy efficient