MON Europan 10, Montreux, Suisse
Landschaftsstadt MAXVIEW Landscapecity – un habitat modele
EUROPAN 10 – Colonisation-Kolonisation
New Comunnities - Neue Gemeinschaften, Aux Grands-Prés, Montreux, Switzerland
client : Europan – City of Montreux
site area : 2,5 ha
build up area : 11.550 m2
gross floor area : 45.790 m2
underground facilities : 14.720 m2
garden level – roofed : 3.000 m2
garden level – green slope : 7.500 m2
park area : 13.450 m2
water areas : 1.000m2
plaza areas : 2.000 m2
levels : 7
volume : 65.000 m3
start of planning : 05. 2009
start of construction : -
completion : -
services : idea, conceptual & preliminary design

idea and concept:
"MAXVIEW Landscapecity"
Animating topography and surrounding scenery, bring up the idea of a rock formation, embedded in the typical hill landscape of Bassin Lemanique.
Designed as an autonomous functioning quarter with ´model character´ following the guidelines of new urbanity, new social structure and new ecology.

The uses are concentrated in a building formation of three volumes which are transmitted seamless into surrounding landscape.
The design of MAXVIEW consists of the following parameters:
the building volumes, the natural and artificial landscape, the circulation system and accessibility, traffic, plazas and places, materials and sustainability.
The whole quarter is based on sustainability parameters and ecological standards for best use of the specific site values.
It ranges from optimum orientation of the volumes on site with maximum view, over use of solar energy and regenerative sources and to water storage through central water basin, being only some of the planned characteristics.
The new Landscapecity MAXVIEW offers enormous potentials for sustainbale living, working and stimulating, according to the new wanted ´model character´.