Vertical Density, Los Angeles 2057, CA, United States of America
International Idea Competition, 2007
Honourable mention

time of planning : 03.-04.2007
presentaion design, documentation

idea and concept:
Urban Density:
Because of the horizontal expansion of the Cityscape and the growing future needs for new spaces - till 2057 the population of L.A. will grow about 20% - the Vertical Density could be a potential for new condensed urban living and working spaces.

andscape density:
Condensation of natural resources could be a potential for improvement of climate and environmental landscape, nature and green spaces and creates qualities for living, leisure and recreation.

Sky- and Ground Transport Ways:
The City is connected via a horizontal street network of motorways, highways and avenues which will need more and more exoneration in the future. With new kind of Sky-Transport-Ways and 3D traffic layers over the existing structure, a potential for reorganization and improvement of traffic efficiency could be aimed.

Urban satellites on land, sea and the air:
A potential of new urban spaces for coming up needs of living and working could be found in the new high density urban satellites, lying within the landscape areas, on the sea and in the air… in 2057